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There's a Motorized Papasan Chair Rolling Around LA's Westside

The chair and its always smiling occupants have been spotted around Sawtelle

Apparently there's a guy regularly scooting around the Sawtelle area of West Los Angeles in a papasan chair mounted to a motorized wheelchair, because when someone posted a picture to Reddit yesterday of the chair on Olympic Boulevard (via CBS LA), the first comment was "This guy again" with a link to more photos of the creative gent and his unusual mode of transport out on the town on Sawtelle Boulevard.

Commentary on the most recent photo, snapped at Olympic and Bundy (not at Pico, as the original post indicated), includes some insight from a Reddit user claiming to be the cousin of the young man who created the wacky mobile chair. The cousin described the papasan driver as a smart guy from "a long line of pranksters with good senses of humor." That explains him performing a few 360-degrees spins in a parking lot for some random strangers:

The papasan pilot and his female companion are always smiling in the candid photos taken of them—and Reddit commenter reports of papasan sightings elsewhere in West LA note the same—so maybe the ride is just as fun as it looks. Or maybe, because it's a papasan chair, they're just stuck and are trying to make the best of their situation in a graceful way.

One Reddit user notes in the comment thread that this guy and his tricked-out chair are "so West LA it hurts," which sounds like a solid endorsement of the neighborhood, for anyone considering moving there.