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Take a Video Tour of Barry Manilow's Old House

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The West Hollywood villa is asking $3.5 million and it's having trouble selling

The former West Hollywood home of soft-rock legend Barry Manilow is apparently taking some time to sell. The Mediterranean-style house was listed several times earlier this year, and in November this snazzy video tour was released by the real estate agent.

According to the listing, the house came back on the market in early February with an asking price of $3.5 million. The three-story, four-bedroom house is located just off the Sunset Strip and goes by the name Bella Villa Sul Monte, or "beautiful house on the mountain." True to its name, the house has some nice views of the city, as well as nearby Chateau Marmont.

Other features include a four-car garage, a living room complete with a fireplace, and, curiously, a urinal in one of the five bathrooms. There is also a jacuzzi and fountain-fed pool that just might make you think of Copacabana.