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New Renderings for the Arts District's Huge Mixed-User

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A glimpse of the latest designs, tweaked after AD residents complained

Construction just started on the Arts District's biggest project residential developments (and among DTLA's biggest, too), and new interior and exterior renderings of the project give an updated glimpse of what to expect from the 472-unit complex that will eventually sprawl across six acres near Third Street and Santa Fe Avenue in the AD.

Designed by Kava Massih Architects, the development has been in the works for a few years, but recent designs for the project drew criticism from locals, who deemed it monolithic and worried about its car-focused layout. In response, parking was reduced from 922 spots down to 744 and a public walking path (which appears to be featured in the renderings) was inserted to connect Third Street to Traction Avenue.

The seven-building complex will rise up to six stories high in some places with aerial pedestrian walkways linking the structures together. A central courtyard will have amenities like the pool and dog zone; a rooftop deck will have a resident lounge. Communal spaces like the "social club" are designed by local interior design firm House of Honey. Along the ground floor of the project, there will be 22,000 square feet of shops.

Phase one of construction is underway and will build 248 units on the SCI-Arc-adjacent lot. Those apartments are expected to be complete in December 2017, according to a release from developers Fairfield Residential and Legendary Development.