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The Map of LA's Presidential Picks is Pretty Predictable

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Based on political contributions, the map shows which way Angelenos are leaning this election

It turns out there are good reasons that campaign finance information is public record—and one of them is so you can see which presidential candidates people in your neighborhood are supporting. A cool new interactive map from RentHop lets users take a close look at how many campaign contributions have been made by donors in their zip code, and who those donors have supported.

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of donations in the city seem to have gone to Democratic candidates. As LAist points out, the wealthier zip codes on the Westside and up in the hills have been leaning towards Hillary, while Silver Lake and Echo Park are overwhelmingly feeling the Bern. Sanders's strongest support, however, seems to also be coming from the 90290 zip code of Topanga Canyon.

Support for Trump is hard to find in the Southland, with only a small number of donations popping up in the Inland Empire and a few pockets of Orange County and the South Bay. Instead, most Southern California Republicans seem to have decided to throw financial support toward Ted Cruz and the late campaign of Marco Rubio.

While the candidates match to zip codes so predictably, what is perhaps most fascinating about the data is the wide disparity of individual donors between zip codes. More than 600 individuals made donations in the 90049 area encompassing Brentwood, while many zip codes in South Los Angeles have donors numbering in the single digits. Meanwhile, while support for Sanders was strong in 90026, the 139 donors there paled in comparison to the 545 donors in the largely Hillary-supporting 90210.

These numbers also suggest that SoCal Republicans might be choosing to be a little more fiscally conservative this election year. In many of the zip codes leaning conservative, the amount of individual donations is fairly low.