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Watch Live as New Bald Eagle Chicks Grow Up Off the California Coast

An adorable livecam captures the newest residents of the Channel Islands

The bald eagles of the Channel Islands are making an impressive comeback—completely eradicated in the last century, they were gradually reintroduced starting in 2002. And now you can watch live as two recently hatched chicks come of age on Santa Cruz Island.

Thanks to a livestream provided by the National Park Service (via LAist), lucky viewers were able to see the birds emerging from their shells—the first on Saturday and the second on Monday night.

The chicks are the progeny of two eagles brought to the island as part of the Park Service's recovery effort. Ocean water contaminated with DDT led to the disappearance of eagles from the Channel Islands and even years after use of the chemical was banned, residual effects prevented eggs from hatching. That changed in 2006, when the first chicks in more than 50 years were born on the islands of Catalina and Santa Cruz.

If watching the eagles leaves you with burning questions about their habits and life cycle, you can also head over to the discussion forums, where eagle biologists provide information and updates on the growing eagle population of the islands.