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LA Drivers Wasted 81 Hours Each Sitting in Traffic Last Year

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A section of the 101 Freeway was the nation's worst freeway corridor

Drivers in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana area are up against the nation's worst traffic every time they head out the door for work, a new study of the gridlock from Inrix shows. Drivers in the greater LA area wasted about 81 hours last year just sitting in traffic, idling, honking, making exasperated hand gestures, and still going nowhere. And not only is the LA area's traffic horrid overall, the region's also home to some of the worst traffic corridors, reports the LA Times.

The worst offender in terms of congestion is the 101 east from Topanga Canyon to Downtown, at Vignes Street. The absolute worst time to drive it is Wednesday mornings at 8 a.m., and on that day, delays might be as much as 58 minutes more than they would be if traffic weren't jammed up.

The 101 west made an appearance in the top ten most congested corridors across the country (between the 60 Freeway and Haskell Ave.). Segments of the 10 Freeway—between 20th Street and Alameda, and between the 101 Freeway and National Boulevard—made the cut, as did two sections of the 5 Freeway—between Cesar Chavez and Valley View, and between Artesia and Cesar Chavez. The worst times to drive these terrible stretches of road ranged from morning rush hour to evening rush hour on pretty much every day of the week, though Wednesday morning and evening appeared quite often.