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Fly Up Close to Some of LA's Coolest Rooftop Neon

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This lovely drone video tours the signs of Westlake, Koreatown, and Hancock Park

The old movie palaces of Downtown Los Angeles and the revamped Clifton's Cafeteria probably jump to mind first when thinking about the city's handsome neon signs, but DTLA doesn't have the market cornered on great neon. A new short drone video showcases some especially good ones in Westlake, Koreatown, and Hancock Park. (The Fontenoy in Hollywood gets some camera time, too.) That area is fitting considering that the sign that started the whole project was the one atop The Embassy apartments in Koreatown, filmmaker Drew Ganyer tells Curbed LA in an email.

After filming the Embassy sign, Gayner tracked down other notable neon signs using the website Public Art in LA as a resource. The filmmaker then spent about a month shooting the signs at times optimal for maximum neon glow. "[T]he challenge was that all the signs turn on and off at different times and a lot of the signs turn on after dark and turn off before dawn," he writes.

There's a lot of footage that he shot that didn't make it into this video, and "there are a lot more signs out there," so there might be a sequel or an extended cut on the horizon. Until then, there's this: