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Eagle Rock's Philippine Village to Make Way for Little Houses

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38 little houses and more headed to the site of a Filipino hub on Eagle Rock Boulevard

Hope Eagle Rock Boulevard has room for more small lot houses: A company called EHOF Eagle Rock LLC has proposed building 38 slim houses under the small lot subdivision ordinance (which allows for lots of detached units to be built on one lot), as well as an undisclosed number of mixed-use buildings on a site on Eagle Rock near York Boulevard. The property is home to the Philippine Village, "a large commercial building that houses several businesses and churches," that's also a central location for the area's Filipino community, Eastsider LA says.

Eagle Rock has had a strong Filipino contingent for a while—Filipinos began moving to the area in a noticeable way over 40 years, according to local experts on the community. The neighborhood's Filipino presence is why there are Filipino chains and Filipino-owned businesses like Jollibee, a Goldilocks Bakery, and Seafood City concentrated at the Eagle Rock Plaza mall on Colorado Boulevard (nicknamed the Manila Mall by some).

The Philippine Village, though, may be gone soon—it was only a matter of time. Located in a highly desirable 'hood, Eagle Rock Boulevard here has a handful of other new housing developments in progress, including a 47-unit affordable housing project being built around the footprint of an incredible barbershop that wouldn't sell, and some more small lot houses closer to Eagle Rock and York Boulevard.