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Lloyd Wright's Calori House Has Been Updated and is Up For Sale

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The Glendale house is now fully decked out with smart tech and marble bathrooms

The caption for a photo taken by local architecture enthusiast and photographer Michael Locke in 2013 remarked on the "state of disrepair" in which he found architect Lloyd Wright's Calori House at the time; by 2015, it had changed hands for $823,000, finding its current owner, who bought the place with a "desire to restore this HISTORICAL work of art," the listing site explains. On the market once again, the house has been modernized to include everything from smart-home tech to custom cabinets.

Originally built in 1926, the Calori House (on the Glendale Register of Historic Resources) measures just under 2,200 square feet with two bedrooms and three bathrooms. Marble in the bathrooms, hardwood floors, and approved plans for a 500-square-foot guest house in the landscaped backyard are all part of the deal too.

The indispensable An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles called the Calori House "a very free interpretation of the Spanish Revival"; one of the more interesting feature of the house is its little "cave-like" entrance topped by a balcony. The Calori House is listed for $1.788 million.

Glendale also has another, more famous Lloyd Wright house—the Derby House—about three miles from this residence. It's been on and off the market over the last few years, asking as much as $2.795 million last May.

3021 E Chevy Chase Drive, Glendale, CA [Estately]