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Beyoncé's 'Formation': How a Historic Pasadena Home Went Southern Gothic for This Year's Biggest Video

When it comes to Beyoncé's incredible "Formation" video, calling the video shoot fast would be an understatement. As late as mid January, Ethan Tobman, who would serve as production designer on the surprise video, wasn't aware it was happening. But he was quickly brought up to speed.

"Literally three weeks ago, I'm sitting on my couch reading a book," he says. "Then cut to today."

Despite the themes of the video, nothing was shot in New Orleans. Everything was shot in Los Angeles and peppered with footage licensed from the documentary That B.E.A.T.. The concept and quick turnaround required Tobman and the rest of the crew to convert an historic home they found in Pasadena into a fitting Southern Gothic set for Beyoncé's new song, part of a whirlwind shooting schedule that saw them put together arguably the biggest music video in recent memory in a mere week.

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