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Why is Los Angeles So Hot Right Now And When Will it Stop??

It's about 87 degrees in Downtown Los Angeles right now, and in case there was any question about it, that's not a typical temperature for early February. In fact, it might just break records, says KPCC. It's hot, it's dry, and on top of it all, there are high wind warnings in the Santa Monica and San Gabriel mountains; red flag warnings have been issued in parts of LA and Ventura counties too—the winds are being boosted by the "strengthening high pressure system" that's also responsible for the hot, hot heat.

Forecasters believe this dumb heatwave is going to be around for about a week, says the LA Times. Weather pros are still saying that strong, wintery El Niño storms could come, but maybe just not while it's this hot. And though SoCal has had some rain this winter already, it's obviously not enough to totally eliminate fire danger, which is heightened at times like this, when humidity is low and temperatures and winds are up, up, up.

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