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It Takes an Hour to Drive a Mile on Sunset in Brentwood

The traffic on Sunset Boulevard in posh Brentwood, close to the 405 Freeway, is bad. How bad? "It can take folks an hour to drive a mile and that's not an exaggeration. It's really, really bad," Councilmember Mike Bonin said at a community meeting over the weekend, KPCC reports; the segment from Kenter Avenue to the 405 was singled out as particularly awful. Sunset serves as "a vital connection" to a handful of schools in the area, plus UCLA and the Getty Center; one of those schools, Archer School for Girls, is right on Sunset, and has a big upcoming construction project planned that many of the 200 attendees at the community meeting complained will exacerbate the already horrendous crawl on the artery.

Bonin emphasized that the construction at Archer is about a year away, while terrible traffic is here now, and asked that people concentrate on addressing the problem as it is now. He sought feedback on a number of ideas for traffic mitigation, including switching up timing of traffic signals, cutting back on when/where turns can be made, and even putting tolls into effect on Sunset during rush hours.
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