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Historic 1920s Tujunga Rock House Hand-Built by Blind Man, Asking $600k

The story is that this charming Tujunga house was built by hand by a blind man and early Tujunga resident named Elmer Reavis. Made of locally-sourced arroyo stone, the structure was completed in 1924; stone houses were pretty popular in the area at the time. "No doubt he chose the box architectural style to simplify construction," the LA Times wrote in a 1994 article mentioning the historic house. Reavis used a combination of pulleys and ropes to build the place, a member of the local historical society told the Times, adding, "And I'm told he hoisted a 1,500-pound stone above the fireplace using that same system." All that stone looks great on the inside, too.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom main house has "its own fabulous river rock fireplace" on each level of the house. Stained glass windows and exposed beams appear throughout the house. The property also contains a guest house with its own studio and loft, kitchen, and bathroom. The 1,398-square-foot main house sits on a 10,290-square-foot lot, leaving plenty of space for the pool, patio, and fish pond. The house, which sits up against the foothills, is listed for $600,000.

· 10620 Samoa Avenue [Official site]