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Miley Cyrus Bought a Chill Estate in Malibu for $2.5 Million

Who says millennials can't afford a house in LA? Miley Cyrus, at a ripe old age of 23, has already bought two: a $3.9-million, mid-century in Studio City and a $5-million ranch/vineyard in Hidden Hills. Now, she's adding a 1,384-square-foot, four-bedroom Malibu mansion to her already impressive real estate collection. Cyrus recently plunked down $2.525 million for the two-story 1958 home in Ramirez Canyon, says Trulia. Aside from a pretty awesome Spiderman-themed bathroom, the home is fairly understated, considering its new owner. That's not to say it's totally without some cool features.

There's the large backyard with gazebo hot tub (for jacuzzi parties with her #Smilers), a driveway that passes over a seasonal stream, and a private balcony in the master bedroom. Seems like a peaceful place for Miley to hang after a long day of taping at The Voice. And if Miley ever craves a more eccentric refuge, there's always her wacky backyard in Studio City, complete with life-size horse statue and $25,000 tipi.

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