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Venice Will Be the First in LA to Get Bike Sharing

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Santa Monica's going to expand its system into LA

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Venice will be the first Los Angeles neighborhood to get bike share kiosks, with tentative plans for five stations to be installed in mid-March. How on earth did that happen when Metro has been working to launch a bike share in Downtown LA approximately forever? Easy, breezy Santa Monica has agreed to share its Breeze system, which launched last fall with enough funding for "up to five stations outside of" the city, according to SaMo's staff report on the matter.

Streetsblog LA reports that the Santa Monica City Council the LA City Council's Transportation Committee have both signed off on terms of the deal this week, though the full LA City Council and the California Coastal Commission will also have to approve. The five potential station locations are Venice Boulevard/Abbot Kinney, California Avenue/Abbot Kinney, Windward Plaza, Ocean Front Walk/Rose Avenue, and Rose/Fifth Street.

There's also the potential for future expansions into "other adjacent communities like the Mar Vista area," but "not to exceed 20" stations in the city of LA. Meanwhile, LA's actual bike share system is set to launch in Downtown sometime in the middle of this year.