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Take an Amazing Tour of LACMA's New House in This Barely SFW G-Eazy Video

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The rap video is actually one of the best tours of the house you could get

Last week, LACMA announced that it's received its first-ever architecture donation: the spectacular Sheats-Goldstein House, in the hills of Beverly Crest. One day later, Bay Area rapper G-Eazy released the video for "Order More," which offers a gorgeous tour of the entire property, including the main house designed by John Lautner (with its retractable glass walls, windows into the pool, and its glorious leather built-ins), the James Turrell skyspace art piece, its jungley landscaping, and even owner (and donor) James Goldstein himself. The only problem is that it's mostly obscured by writhing babes in bikinis. Besides that, though, the architecture porn is worth the watch: