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Here Are the Plans For LA's Hugest Freeway-Side Fauxtalian Fortress Yet

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Downtown's worst developer is back again with 1,500 units and parking for 2,606 cars

Fauxtalian fortress developer Geoff Palmer might be getting sued by the city of Los Angeles over the fire that consumed his under-construction, freeway-adjacent Da Vinci apartment fortress and did serious damage to some nearby buildings, but neither conflagration nor litigation (nor historic landmarking nor campaign finance law) is gonna slow Palmer down.

He's now gotten the ball rolling on his next and largest LA project, the Ferrante, just on the other side of the freeway from where the Da Vinci burned (it's since been rebuilt). Urbanize LA's found some early plans for the project, courtesy of an initial study, and—no surprise—they look a lot like the fakey Italian Renaissance stuff he's built all over town.

Set to rise on a nearly 10-acre lot between Temple, Beaudry, and the 110 Freeway, the plan is to demolish what's there now (a 10-story office building and a parking structure) and build a seven-story building with 1,500 units, 30,000 square feet of commercial space at the street level, and parking for 2,606 cars and 1,680 bikes.

There would also be about 187,000 square feet of open space and amenities, including courtyards, roof decks, basketball and tennis courts, gyms, pools, a dedicated paddle tennis room, and a karaoke room.

The study expects the Ferrante to be complete in 2018.