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LA's First Light Rail to the Sea Opens May 20

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The Expo Line extension to downtown Santa Monica has got its opening date

No Angeleno has been able to hop on a train to Santa Monica in 53 years, but that all changes May 20, when the Expo Line extension will officially open, creating a train line from Downtown Los Angeles all the way to downtown SaMo, just a few blocks from the beach. (The famed Subway to the Sea is now more like the Subway to the VA [in Brentwood], and will not even get there for at least another six years.)

The extension will add seven stops to the line between Expo's current terminus in Culver City and Colorado and Fourth Street in Santa Monica. According to KPCC, the full trip from DTLA to the DTSM will take about 45 minutes.

That's two line extensions Metro is opening this spring—the Gold Line's Foothill extension opens March 5.