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Teachers and Firefighters Can Afford Just About No Houses in LA

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A breakdown of affordability by profession (It's better out there for doctors and computer programmers)

Knowing that Los Angeles County is the most unaffordable place to buy a house in the whole country is one thing, but seeing how that fact affects people working in essential professions, like teaching or firefighting, is somehow much more striking.

According to the real estate listings and data site Estately, teachers can only afford three percent of the houses in Los Angeles, and firefighters can only afford two percent of all LA houses. Marry well or rent for a while, teachers and firefighters! (In fact, the LAUSD is having to build affordable housing for its workforce, and most firefighters have to live far outside the city.)

Doctors, predictably, fare much better, and are able to afford 72 percent of LA houses, and computer programmers can swing about 42 percent of single-family houses. Restaurant servers are fully out of luck, and are not able to afford any houses on the market.

Even astronauts can only afford 12 percent of LA houses. They might as well stay in space.

Estately put together this depressing read using data from Glassdoor to find the average annual salary for each job in each city. Then, they looked at home sale prices over the past six months to see what percentage of those houses an astronaut or teacher might be able to buy.