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Million-Dollar Trash Push Coming to Area South of Downtown LA

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200 new trash cans and tons of outreach should help clean things up

Los Angeles, as a city, has a trash problem, and the mayor is hoping to combat it by putting thousands more trash cans on the streets. Meanwhile, South LA's City Councilmember Curren Price has decided to try and tackle the problem in his territory, launching a campaign that combines education, community outreach, and 200 new trash cans in Council District Nine, reports KPCC. A couple hundred new trash cans may not seem like much, but a release announcing the campaign says that in 2013, there were only about 15 city trash cans in all of the district, which covers a swath of western South LA including Historic South-Central, both South Parks, and parts of Florence, Exposition Park, and University Park.

The million-dollar push for cleaner public spaces in these neighborhoods will include $300,000 to get more sanitation workers to come through; $370,000 more will be spent just on additional pickups of large items discarded on the streets; $400,000 will go toward those brand new trash cans. Bilingual billboards (English and Spanish) will go up with reminders about keeping the streets clean and kids will get PSA materials at school too. This campaign certainly has its work cut out for it: An internal city report released in December 2014 revealed that "Cleanups in South L.A. have pulled as much as 100 tons of garbage from a single alley."