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First Construction Photos of Pedestrian Bridge From Red Line to Universal City

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The controversial crossing is really coming together

The controversial (for a pedestrian bridge) crossing now under construction to connect the Red Line with Universal Studios is shaping up nicely. These January 9 photos from Metro show progress on the bridge as it gears up for its April opening. The new bridge, which will span part of the intersection of Lankershim and Universal Hollywood Drive/Campo de Cahuenga, will ideally get some foot traffic from Metro riders hoping to get in to see the new Harry Potter-themed attraction at Universal Studios, and the timing of the two new additions opening around the same time is no mistake.

The bridge, designed by Rios Clementi Hale Studios, will connect three of the four corners of the intersection, and in doing so, link the Universal/Studio City subway stop with a stop for the Universal Studios shuttle bus. It will not, however, connect to a bus hub on the fourth corner of the intersection, which was a point of contention for bridge opponents. (They also didn't like the heftier-than-originally-expected pricetag for the project, or the fact that by removing pedestrians from the streets, it basically yields the public space to cars instead of encouraging them to share, plus does nothing to activate the street.)