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Curbed Is Relaunching, and We Want Your Feedback

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Denizens, citizens, readers, hecklers: We know you love Curbed. You love to read it, you love to critique it, and you love to tell us what we should be covering. Now here's your chance to do that in a formalized way.

Here's the buried lede: Curbed is relaunching on February 21 with a faster, souped-up engine (also known as Vox Media's proprietary publishing platform, Chorus) and a better-looking and easier-to-navigate front end. You'll notice some subtle design changes, a stronger direction for photography, and more toys and tools that will help tell Curbed stories even better. Most importantly, we'll be introducing some new features—think original home tours, renovation chronicles, home tech coverage, and more—alongside our better-than-ever longform program.

Now for your part. Below we've outlined the myriad ways to weigh in pre-launch, so hit us up with your most opinionated opinions. What recurring Curbed stories do you click on most? Which of the 16 homepages do you visit on the regular? What would you like to read more of?

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