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Take a Closeup Look at Every Inch of Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles is growing every day, with huge development megaprojects like Metropolis and the Wilshire Grand getting larger and more imposing all the time, and shorter structures continually sprouting up, most noticeably in South Park. Over at Urbanize LA, photographer Hunter Kerhart has taken a huge, panoramic, "gigapixel" snapshot of the neighborhood as it is right now—cranes and all.

The progress on a number of new projects is visible in the shot, most notably the Ten50 tower and its drone landing pad, Geoff Palmer's giant Broadway Palace apartment building, and the G12 project down on Pico and Twelfth Street.

We've taken some screenshots of the enormous and detailed photo to give an idea of just how up close and personal it gets, but there's a large version here, for further exploration.

· Updated DTLA Gigapixel Panorama [ULA]