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Take a Complete Tour of Los Angeles, One Parcel at a Time

Eventually, every parcel in Los Angeles and a photo of it is going to be on Twitter. A new bot is Tweeting an image of every LA lot, in tax ID order, according to the bot's Twitter profile. The bot's creator, Neil Freeman, explains in an email to Curbed how it works. "Each bot takes official city parcel data and mashes it up with Google Streetview to provide a one-at-a-time portrait of a city." The project is intended to function as a "commentary on different methods of understanding cities." Because the images all come from Streeview, sometimes the houses are totally obscured by large trees, but the feed is still fun, offering a tour of the city from an unusual perspective and in a methodical order that most people probably don't use to explore neighborhoods.

There are similar Twitter bots for Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco, but those who are so inclined can make their own bots to explore their cities in the same way.

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