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Here Are All the LA Marathon Street Closures From Echo Park to Santa Monica

This Sunday, the streets will briefly be overtaken by thousands of folks running and wheeling 26.2 miles, from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica, for the Los Angeles Marathon. (Last year, the route was lit up by super-cool spotlights—what coolness will there be this year?) Their punishing physical trial means that, for at least part of the day, streets and some freeway offramps along that long route will be closed to cars. Most of the closures start in the wee hours of the morning (around 3 am for offramps and 4 am for streets) and end by noon, but some closures will go into the afternoon. Will the marathon affect your route to brunch? We've got all the information on closures right this way.

The map below, via the LA Marathon website, shows a detailed, full-route view of where the closures will be, but if you're less of a visual person, the charts below break down the closures into neat columns and provide the start and stop times for the street shutdowns.

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