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Take a Good Look at LA's Record-Breaking February Heatwave

After a record-breaking, 89-degree day in Downtown Los Angeles yesterday, this hot February week will march on in a similarly warm fashion. (The previous record, set in 2006, was 85 degrees.) City News Service says that forecasters believe that "Temperatures will remain above normal into the weekend but ease Wednesday as offshore flow diminishes." The Santa Ana winds will stick around, but not quite so strong, so there are no more red flag fire warnings for now. Meanwhile, the last few days of summertime weather have been captured extensively by Angelenos, no doubt to taunt their friends who live in places where it's actually cold in February. We've culled some of the best ones right here.

Those wondering what happened to that "Godzilla El Niño" and the flooding rains Los Angeles was so sternly warned about, don't give up just yet. A Stanford climate scientist tells the LA Times that the El Niño, the warm water cluster in the Pacific, is so big that it's acting in a way that hasn't previously been seen, and "the movement of warm air above it traveled farther north than expected." So while Northern California and the Pacific Northwest have been getting slammed by storms, SoCal so far has barely been bumped by one.

That could be the result of the sheer hugeness of the El Niño, and it's still possible SoCal will get big-time storms. "I'm still saying: Be patient. In terms of getting Southern California their El Niño fix, this thing has to shrink somewhat.... So if that idea is correct, then we're looking good for March and April," NASA JPL climatologist Bill Patzert says.

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