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Burlesque Nightclub Owner Wants to Turn Playboy Mansion into Exclusive Members-Only Club

Ever since Playboy Enterprises announced that its iconic Playboy Mansion would be put on the market for $200 million (with the provision that Hugh Hefner be allowed to live there until he dies), the offers have been pouring in. One problem though: everyone is lowballing Hef! Last month, Hustler founder Larry Flynt straight up trolled Playboy, saying he'd put in a bid for the house at less than half the asking price, and that he'd evict Hefner to boot. Another offer has just come to light, and while it's less antagonistic, it's no more lucrative for Playboy. Jeff Beacher, of Beacher's Madhouse, is putting together an offer to buy the mansion with plans to turn it into a exclusive members-only club, reports TMZ. His offer? A scant $90 million.

Jeff Beacher is the man behind Beacher's Madhouse, a burlesque nightclub with a circus sideshow twist that features such amenities as pro wrestling, goats, and a "world-famous flying midget bartender." After successful stays in Las Vegas and a new engagement opening in Hollywood at the Roosevelt Hotel, Beacher next plans to bring his over-the-top club to the most famous mansion in Holmby Hills. Beacher is not only looking to buy the house, he also wants to brand the club with the Playboy name. Playboy Enterprises seems interested in the partnership, but not in the $90 million offer. It's said that the land alone is worth $100 million.

The reason for Beacher's lowball bid might be that he's buying the Playboy Mansion as a fixer-upper. Beacher plans to put an additional $20 million into renovating the mansion and adding five bungalows to the property for his A-list guests. It might be a moot point however if the city puts the kibosh on Beacher operating a nightclub in the middle of a quiet, affluent neighborhood. While neighbors are no doubt used to lavish parties at the mansion, the property would have to get a zoning variance to operate as a club. It'll be a headache for Beacher, but at least there's one bright side to buying the Playboy mansion: the property has a zoo license, so bringing in those nightclub goats shouldn't be a problem.
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