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Elegant bungalow in one of LA’s historic districts asks $2.3M

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Beautifully redone

Images by Alex Zarour, courtesy of Victoria Massengale

Some of the finest examples of Craftsman and Colonial Revival bungalows in Los Angeles can be found in the Wilton Historic District, a stretch of Wilton Place between 1st and 3rd streets in Windsor Square. These blocks, developed in the early 1900s, were later added to the National Register of Historic Places after, according to the Los Angeles Times, the city announced plans to widen Wilton.

One of the 65 homes identified in the application for its historic designation was a three-story Craftsman bungalow with shingled siding and a unique gable in the shape of hexagon at 233 South Wilton.

Today, the charming but spacious home is on the market.

Built in 1910, the five-bedroom, 3.5-bath retains its original glass windows, but it’s been remodeled beautifully with understated colors, cabinets, and trimmings. The only flash is in the kitchen, where some metallic tiles are woven into the backsplash.

The property, which measures 10,208 square feet, last sold in October 2015 for $1.7 million and is now listed for $2.349 million.