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Quirky former carriage house in Arcadia asks $650K

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A little bit of rustic charm in Los Angeles County

Boxy mansions might be the type of home most closely associated with Arcadia these days, but the San Gabriel Valley city is also home to many historic homes from the years following the subdivision of the historic Rancho Santa Anita. This unusual three-bedroom residence is one such home, though it actually began its life as a carriage house in 1916.

According to the listing, the structure was converted into a dwelling in 1924. At 1,050 square feet, it’s not especially large, but the high, vaulted ceilings give the place a more open feeling. In keeping with the area’s agricultural roots, the interior of the home is pretty rustic, with wood paneled walls and a large red brick fireplace in the living room.

A pair of French doors in the master bedroom lead out to an outdoor patio and garden. Meanwhile, a garage has been converted for use as a music studio—though there’s still plenty of room for vehicles under the large carport. On the market now for the first time in 40 years, the home is asking $650,000.

9615 E Lemon Ave [Patricia Dmytrow | Coldwell Banker]