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Rihanna’s former Pacific Palisades home sells under its $15M asking price

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The pop star reportedly moved out of the house after persistent problems with stalkers

Rihanna just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to her Los Angeles real estate holdings. In 2009, the pop star paid $6.9 million for a Beverly Crest home that turned out to have a major leaking problem (don’t worry, the “Umbrella” jokes have already been made) and eventually sold it at a nearly $2 million loss.

Then, the singer moved on to this Pacific Palisades megamansion, which had an even worse problem: stalkers. After multiple trespassers were spotted on the property within the first few months following Rihanna’s move-in, she decided to take up residence in a new (undisclosed) location.

The home subsequently came up for sale in early 2014, though it’s not clear whether Rihanna owned the place at that point or was merely a former tenant. (Update: According to Lee Mintz, Rihanna’s realtor, the singer rented, but never owned the home.)

Regardless, the seven-bedroom home spent quite some time looking for a buyer, but now appears to have found one. The final sale price of $11.175 million is a little under $4 million less than the initial $14.995 million asking price

Constructed in 2010, the home has all the accessories you’d expect of a very wealthy superstar’s residence: rooftop sun deck, fireplaces and en-suite bathrooms in every bedroom, full bar, pool with water jets, and the list goes on.

Ben Bacal, Jason Peteler, and David Ferrugio of Rodeo Realty were the listing agents on the sale.

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