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Curbed Cup 2016: Nominate this year's best LA neighborhood!

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Drop your nomination in the comments

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The year is drawing to a close, which means it's time for Curbed Cup—the annual competition for Los Angeles’s Neighborhood of the Year!

For nearly a decade, Curbed readers have chosen LA’s best neighborhood in a oft-heated tournament that celebrates local pride and civic developments.

This year, 16 neighborhoods will face off for the prize (a golden jpeg) and the coveted title. But before it can begin, we need your input: Which neighborhoods deserve a spot in the bracket?

We don’t just want neighborhood names. Tell us what has happened in 2016 that sets this particular neighborhood apart.

Is it more walkable or transit-accessible? Is it taking care of its homeless residents? Is it home to a beautiful new park, or a game-changing megaproject, or a cool affordable housing complex? Did it add new community gardens or implement some environmentally-friendly measures? Is it buzzing with new shops, restaurants and bars? (Any neighborhood or city in greater LA is eligible; please nominate Downtown sub-hoods, i.e. South Park, individually.)

Post your nomination in the comments or shoot us an email.

Here are the past winners:

2015: West Adams

2014: Inglewood

2013: Glendale

2012: Atwater Village

2011: Historic Core

2010: Hollywood

2008: Culver City

2007: Historic Core