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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (12) HiFi vs. (13) Chinatown

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Which neighborhood should advance? Cast your vote now!


The glitz and gluttony of development in downtown Hollywood couldn’t surpass the popularity of Historic Filipinotown, which squeaked ahead in the first round of Curbed Cup 2016 with 49.83 percent of the votes. After all, as one commenter noted, in HiFi: “you don’t have creepy dudes dressed like Spiderman charging you for photos.” We like HiFi for its architecture, public murals, and culture, but the same commenter gave HiFi the edge for another reason, its location: “just given it’s proximity to downtown and strategic location between DT and Silverlake/Echo Park, HiFi just seems like a good long-term hedge play.” Agreed.


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HiFi might be situated next to trendy neighborhoods such as Silver Lake and Echo Park, but HiFi versus Chinatown should be a great and close matchup—both neighborhoods have unique historic character.

In its first round heat, WeHo fell to Chinatown, a neighborhood that this year welcomed the opening of the contemporary Johnson Fain-designed apartment complex, Blossom Plaza, which, with its public walkway decorated with strung lights, has become a bit of an Instagram hit. Also in 2016, Chinatown celebrated the closure of a detested Walmart, and will soon celebrate the reopening of Los Angeles State Historic Park.