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County may team up with Metro to spur development along Crenshaw/LAX Line

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Proposals for the three sites would need to incorporate affordable housing

Site of Expo/Crenshaw Station
Two parcels on opposite side of Crenshaw Boulevard for which LA County may seek developers
Google Maps

With Metro’s new Crenshaw/LAX Line on track to open in just a few short years, LA County is working to facilitate transit-oriented development on the land around the new stops. As Urbanize LA reports, the Board of Supervisors will review a staff recommendation Tuesday that proposes the county join with Metro in seeking private developers to build on three sites adjacent to stations.

Two of those sites are located next to the Expo/Crenshaw Station, where the new line will begin its southbound journey. One is an LA County-owned probation facility which the county plans to move in preparation for new development. The other parcel is owned by Metro and is being used for construction staging. Plans have called for the site to be converted into a park-and-ride facility once the Crenshaw/LAX Line opens, but Metro is now trying to find other potential locations for the lot in order to ensure the area around the station is as vibrant and pedestrian-oriented as possible.

The third potential site is located next to the future Fairview Heights Station in Inglewood. The county-owned parcel currently holds offices for the Department of Public Social Services, but could make way for a larger residential development.

Proposals for all three areas would need to incorporate affordable housing. Under Metro’s Joint Development program, at least 35 percent of all units must be set aside for residents making under 60 percent of median income in the area.

Metro has also developed guidelines for the sites after a year of community outreach in both areas. Near the Expo/Crenshaw Station, stakeholders in the area expressed an interest in mixed use development with a mix of housing, retail, and open space. Near the Fairview Heights Station, residents apparently voiced a desire for mixed income development with opportunities for artists and youth.

Residents near both stations wanted more neighborhood-serving retail establishments, including restaurants and grocery stores.

If the supervisors decide to pursue developers for the sites, proposals will be gathered and reviewed in spring of 2017.