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New hotel project proposed for Pico-Robertson

The six-story structure will have 112 guest rooms

View of shops from the street Google Maps

It’s not everyday we get to report a major new development in the low-slung Pico-Robertson area, but last week an unnamed developer filed plans with the city for a six-story hotel with 112 guest rooms. The project will also include 73 parking spaces—most of them in a below-ground lot.

And while this kind of structure is by no means enormous, it’s certainly a great deal larger than the single-story shops currently in place at the project site. In fact, from the looks of things, this project would tower over just about every other building in the general vicinity.

Urbanize LA notes that the property is currently owned by a Beverly Hills company overseen by Cinefamily co-founder Dan Harkham. Harkham and his brother Sammy purchased the Fairfax movie theater back in 2006, and have helped to turn the eclectic movie house into a haven for LA cinephiles.

In 2011, another pair of brothers—Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani—opened Mr. C, a high-end boutique hotel in Pico-Robertson near the border of Beverly Hills.