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2016 Curbed Cup round 1 results! San Pedro beats North Hollywood

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There have been some surprises

The first round of Los Angeles’s Curbed Cup has come to a close and we’ve had some suspenseful upsets, with a handful of our top-seed neighborhoods losing their matchups. Now, the eight, round-one winners are taking another step closer to being crowned 2016’s Neighborhood of the Year.

There have been some very close races. Booming (13) Chinatown scored a narrow but decisive victory, capturing 52.5 percent of the votes when it squared off against (4) West Hollywood.

In an even tighter race, artsy (12) HiFi barely beat out (5) downtown Hollywood, winning 50.1 percent of the votes.

Not every bout was a nail-biter: Dense, fun (10) Koreatown won handily over 62 percent of the votes in its bout with (7) East Hollywood.

There’s more to come. Take a look at the updated bracket below to see which neighborhoods will face off in the next round of Curbed Cup, and don’t forget to cast your votes as the eight winning ‘hoods prepare for a new and stiffer round of competition.