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Open thread: What’s the best movie theater in Los Angeles?

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Tell us in the comments.

Vista Theatre
Becky Lai / Flickr creative commons

It’s December, and theater marquees are lit up like Christmas trees with the titles of Oscar contenders.

As the movie capital of the world, Los Angeles is home to dozens of theaters in all styles and price points. ArcLight has a full bar and cushy seats. The New Bev puts on seasonal programming and double features. Sundance Sunset Cinema plays limited-release features and gives student discounts to non-students on Tuesdays. The Vista in Los Feliz has a cool neon sign and Egyptian decor.

So many choices. It’s overwhelming yet terrific.

Next week, we’ll release a map of the best theaters in Los Angeles. But before we do, we want to know which ones we’d be remiss not to include.

We know you’re to partial to one, or maybe two. So drop your favorites in the comments—and be sure to tell us what makes them great.