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A musical ode to the Glendale Galleria just in time for the holidays

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“Don’t listen to the Americana, we are doing fine”

The Glendale Galleria is unavoidable for many around this time of year. Depending on your personality, a holiday trip to the Glendale mall could mean power shopping at the top of your game or a soul-sucking death march through an Abercrombie-scented hellscape. Either way, the Galleria never fails to leave it's mark.

With that in mind, we present the Glendale Galleria theme song you never knew you wanted, an infectious earworm of a tune guaranteed to loop endlessly in your head while waiting in line for a hot pretzel.

Comedians Matt Moore and Allegra Ringo crafted the musical tribute set to the tune of Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana.” Complete with digs at the Burbank Town Center and an implied inferiority complex toward the Americana, Moore and Ringo's version personifies the Glendale shopping institution as the plucky little mall that could.

Glendale Galleria

100 W. Broadway, Glendale, CA