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610-square-foot cottage in Echo Park asks $575K

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This petite flip has come a long way

Courtesy of Ken Shapiro/Silverwood Properties

When it sold in August for $363,000, this little house was in bad shape. Renovated and given a trendy makeover, now it’s a total gem.

Located on a hilly street just off Echo Park Avenue, the one-bedroom house is separated from the street by a 40-step staircase. (Your FitBit will thank you.) The petite, 610-square-foot dwelling has a small yard and a spacious deck on either side.

The living room has a decorative fireplace and recessed lighting, and it shares the home’s open, communal space with a dining area and the kitchen.

The kitchen looks relatively spacious and has a deep, farmhouse sink, tiled backsplash, and what appears to be a good amount of storage space.

Though there’s only one bedroom, the listing notes there’s a bonus room that could easily make the switch to a kid’s room.

In the lone bathroom, there’s enough space to accommodate a clawfoot tub with a shower head.

There’s no garage on the property, only street parking.

It’s listed for $575,000.