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On a building spree, developer Jamison plans new Ktown housing structure

123 residential units to be plunked atop a two-level parking structure

Yet another Koreatown parking lot may soon be topped with housing. This time it’s a lot behind an office building on Wilshire and Ardmore. Plans filed with the city yesterday call for the addition of five stories to the two-level lot, making seven stories total.

The project will total 117,795 additional square feet and 123 residential units—all market rate.

According to Urbanize LA, the project is being developed by Jamison Services, a company that’s been quite busy in the area lately. One of the largest office landlords in California, Jamison has recently set its sights on developing a number of its Koreatown and Downtown properties.

To give a sense of just how much development the company is undertaking, we’d like to point out that this latest project is neither the first seven-story structure, nor the first parking lot-topping housing development the firm has proposed since July. Other projects the company has submitted to the planning department in that time period include two 23-story towers and a 36-story high-rise—both just blocks from this current project.