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How to get yourself to the polls on Election Day

(And where you can park without getting a ticket)

Worried about how to get to the polls Tuesday? Well, the good folks at KPCC have compiled a list of special election day offers from rental car, ridesharing, and taxi companies.

The most economical and widely available option is to travel with LA Yellow Cab; the taxi service is offering free rides throughout the day for passengers traveling to vote. But in case the wait for a cab gets a bit long, or you somehow forget the company’s number (424-222-2222), there are a few other choices as well.

Uber will feature a polling station-finder feature in its app, while Lyft will offer 45 percent discounts on rides in Orange County—but sadly not LA.

Brand new car-sharing service Maven is offering $5 off with the discount code “VOTE,” while Zipcar rentals will be free to last-minute voters from 6 to 10 p.m.

Meanwhile, lucky Long Beach voters can arrive at the polling station in style. Primetime Limousine will be giving voters free rides all day long, and won’t be accepting non-civic-duty-related reservations to boot.

If none of those options sound appealing—and walking or biking are out of the question—don’t give up just yet. To make things easier for drivers trying to access crowded polling stations, LADOT will be relaxing parking restrictions within a one-block radius of voting locations. In previous years, that’s meant that meters, street cleaning zones, and preferential parking signage can be ignored for one wild and lawless day.