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Take a look at the huge early voting lines from this weekend

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Thousands of voters turned out to six polling stations this weekend

It doesn’t necessarily reflect very well on our democracy that people are impressed when the public actually turns out to vote, but turn out they certainly did this weekend at six early voting stations across LA County. The LA Times reports that 8,000 voters cast their ballots Saturday, with more than 25,000 ballots now having been cast countywide.

All those early voters led to some pretty long lines. One voter told the Times he had been waiting for three hours and still had 200 people in front of him. The longest waits were reportedly in North Hollywood and Torrance, though lines at all six polling stations look pretty impressive in pictures and video posted to social media.

With little doubt over which way California will lean in the national election, it seems likely that many voters just can’t wait to weigh in on local issues like Measure A, the county’s proposed new parcel tax funding the creation and maintenance of parks and open spaces.

Just kidding. Obviously, this is an election in which the top of the ballot is pretty hard to ignore.

Still, there are no shortage of local and state measures on the ballot this November that could have outsize effects on the future of the Los Angeles area (read about a few of them here). If the number of people making early trips to the polls is any indication, it seems likely that as large a group of voters as possible will have the chance to weigh in on these issues.

Looks like it will take all day to vote

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Early voting in North Hollywood. At least 2 hours in line.

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