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Silicon Valley's long workday commutes are now worse than LA’s

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Compared to LA, more Bay Area drivers make a 90-plus minute commute

Far be it from us to stoke the flames of the San Francisco versus Los Angeles rivalry, but LA’s been making some big strides in transportation, while the Bay Area seems to be floundering a bit. Heading into election day, LA is looking to fund a sleek and modern transportation system, while San Francisco is merely attempting to patch together the failing system it has had since 1972.

Now, according to the San Jose Mercury News, Silicon Valley is developing a traffic problem that rivals the notorious gridlock of LA freeways. Joint Venture’s Institute for Regional Studies just released a report that found compared to LA, more Bay Area drivers are making "megacommutes."

A "megacommute" is defined as one-way commutes to work that exceed 90 minutes.

In 2015, 5.3 percent of drivers in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties regularly suffered through a megacommute, while in LA County, 4.6 percent of drivers were making that long haul to work.

“It’s shocking,” Jon Haveman, whose firm Marin Economic Consulting prepared the study, told the newspaper. “It’s surprising to see that in the last couple of years, Silicon Valley has become worse than Los Angeles.”

Having slightly fewer people making a mind-numbingly long commute each day is a small and petty victory for LA, but we’ll take it.