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13 sublime photos of Los Angeles from this week

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LA, you’re a babe

From its ocean sunsets to its eclectic architecture, Los Angeles is the perfect canvas for photographers, amateurs and professionals alike. Each Friday we highlight some of the best shots of the city, as captured through your lenses, in a series titled, "LA, You're a Babe."

We combed through Instagram, and this week’s stars were jaw-dropping photos of those killer beach beach sunsets and incredible shots of LA’s glimmering Downtown skyline. There are a few other gems sprinkled in here, too, including lovely views of fall foliage at the Getty and Mt. Baldy. Enjoy!

Feeling the fall vibes. Photo by @samanthamuckle #regram #gettyinspired

A photo posted by The Getty (@thegetty) on


A photo posted by jfabs171717 (@jfabs171717) on

A photo posted by Dave Wallace (@dmwdave) on

Venice Fishing pear. #LostinLA #PaulValentine

A photo posted by PAUL VALENTINE (@paulvalentinee) on


A photo posted by Dan Marker-Moore (@danorst) on

Ivy League.

A photo posted by Bryan Sharp (@realbryansharp) on

Let the light lead you... Love this... #hedwigandtheangryinch

A photo posted by smanzano77 (@smanzano77) on

Always peaceful vibes at the canals #DOPESUNSETS

A photo posted by Debo (@debodoes) on