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Revealed: $2.79M for an Encino home complete with hidden room

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What was your guess?

Yesterday, in another round of our pricespotter game, we asked you to guess the price of this sizable four-bedroom home in Encino. Located just south of Ventura Boulevard, the most distinctive feature of the 5,233-square-foot home is a hidden door in the study that leads to a rather sizable secret room.

Other than that unusual attraction, the house’s primary advantages are its size and location. Commenters definitely seemed tuned into those features, and most guesses weren’t too far off from the actual listing price of $2.799 million.

The closest was Wrix2, who gave a range of $2.7 to $3 million, and Sam Asher wasn’t far behind with a guess of $2.995 million. Over on our Facebook page, Kyle Lott pretty much hit the nail on the head at $2.7 million.

Also, shout out to GuyOnLACurbed, who came across the listing while researching comps and very honorably did not try to use the information to cheat. And though he (or she) did post a link, the appropriate spoiler alert was included.

Thanks for playing and join us next week for another round.