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Where were these nostalgic LA photos from the 1970s taken?

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Help caption photos by one of LA’s most important mural documentarians

USC’s Digital Library makes a treasure trove of photographs perusable online for free, and one of those collections—one that documents decades of Los Angeles murals—needs a little help.

More than 2,000 of Robin Dunitz’s photos of murals and Los Angeles street scenes are in a USC's collection. Dunitz is a long-time resident of Los Angeles and a researcher of LA’s murals whose photos of the public art pieces have served as fodder for three books, including Street Gallery: A Guide to 1,000 Los Angeles Murals. The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles refers to the street gallery book, published in 1998, as "the first true compilation of Los Angeles public murals.

Dunitz has been an advisory board member for the Mural Conservancy, fitting as many of the photos of Los Angeles murals in the conservancy’s searchable online collection were taken by her. (She also led bus tours for the conservancy at one time.)

Louise Randolph Smith, Digital Imaging Specialist at the USC Digital Library, wrote to Curbed to ask for help pinpointing the locations of some of Dunitz’s photos, included below with the captions that accompany them in the archive.

Think you know where some of these photos were taken? Let us know in the comments.