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Lunada Bay surf gang fort getting razed

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Demolition should be complete on Friday

Demolition began today on the illegally built fort that was considered a hangout for an aggressive surf gang in Palos Verdes Estates, reports the Daily Breeze.

The removal of the structure, built on a hard-to-reach section of the Lunada Bay shoreline “more than 30 years ago,” is seen as an important part of the effort to crack down on the Bay Boys, a group of local surfers who are named in a class action lawsuit as a criminal gang.

The lawsuit claims that the territorial group has vandalized cars, and physically threatened and harmed people perceived as non-locals from accessing the beach in Lunada Bay.

The patio-like structure being demolished was the site of “an incident referenced in the lawsuit in which one of the local surfers allegedly exposed himself and sprayed a can of beer onto one of the plaintiffs,” says the Breeze.

While PVE mayor Jennifer King noted that removing the structure is a separate issue from the alleged illegal behavior of the surf gang, she did say that it was a “positive step” that shows that PVE’s coast is for everyone.

The razing process will use a helicopter to get equipment down to the site and bring up large pieces of debris. The Los Angeles Times reports that jackhammers, an air compressor and other equipment” were lowered onto the beach at the base of some very steep cliffs today. The demolition process and cleanup are expected to be finished on Friday.