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Metro wants help naming three new subway stations

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Name ideas should let riders know “why they should stop at that particular station”

Metro is trying to figure out what to call the three new subway stops opening up along its under-construction Regional Connector project, and now the agency is soliciting help from the community.

A short new survey on Metro’s website seeks public input on the names that Metro is proposing for the new stations. Here’s what they have penciled in so far:

1st Street/Central: “Little Tokyo/Arts District”

2nd Street/Broadway: “Historic Broadway,” or just “Broadway”

2nd Place/Hope Street: “Bunker Hill/Grand Av Arts” or “Grand Av Arts/Bunker Hill”

As you can see, these names are about as boring as it gets, and that’s partly by design. Metro’s station naming guidelines make clear that stations must have names that give riders important geographic clues about where they are. That can include the names of nearby streets, buildings, area landmarks, or neighborhoods.

Any station name suggestions you give to Metro, then, will probably have to fit into those guidelines, but for now Metro is simply asking the public to explain why their name will “tell the 1.4 million expected daily riders why they should stop at that particular station.” We expect they’ll get some pretty entertaining suggestions.

Once complete, the Regional Connector will link the Blue and Expo Lines to Union Station, allowing them to merge with separate sections of the Gold Line so that riders can enjoy nonstop service from East LA to Santa Monica, and from Azusa to Long Beach. The three new stations will provide helpful new access points to the Downtown area—though the Little Tokyo/Arts District stop will simply replace an at-grade station with a subway stop.

The project is expected to be complete by 2021.

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