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Boogie Nights house comes up for sale

Party in Jack Horner’s pool for $1.5 million

We thought this Covina home looked a little familiar—especially that pool, which looks perfect for a cocaine-fueled 1970s party. Well, MovieMaps confirms, it’s the very property that stood in for pornographer Jack Horner’s residence in Paul Thomas Anderson’s classic LA film Boogie Nights.

It’s a little alarming to learn that Horner’s home is located in the San Gabriel—not San Fernando—Valley, but this time capsule certainly has plenty of groovy flair. Built in 1958, the spacious four-bedroom residence looks wonderfully stuck-in-time, with carpeting and patterned wallpaper-a-plenty.

The large living room is particularly impressive, with a vaulted and beamed ceiling, stone fireplace, oversized windows, and wood-paneled walls.

Situated on a 1.35-acre-lot, the nearly 4,000-square-foot home includes a three-car garage with room to spare for plenty of potential new features. The listing description suggests a tennis court, guest house, or horse stables as good possibilities.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that new owners will also choose to update many of the home’s features that made it a perfect location for a film about the wild west days of the Southern California porn industry. But for now, the home serves as a very fun throwback to that bygone era. Asking price is $1.49 million.

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