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Santa’s Village theme park will open next week

A custom-made train! Ice skating rink! Singing characters!

There had been rumblings that the fantastical Santa-themed park in the mountains near Lake Arrowhead might be reopening around Christmas—and now it’s confirmed. The San Bernardino Sun reports that the SkyPark at Santa’s Village theme park will officially reopen bright and early at 10 a.m. Friday, December 2.

This will be a sort of soft opening for the park in mountain town of Skyforest. According to the Sun, the park is operating on a temporary use permit from the county of San Bernardino, meaning that only half of the park’s 600 parking spaces can be used each day.

A few of the planned attractions, including mountain bike riding, hiking, and fly-fishing, will have to wait until the park’s complete environmental plan is approved. Park operators expect that to happen at some point next year. But there will still be plenty to do, says the Sun:

Among the features offered at the park during the holidays are singing characters, an ice skating rink, bouldering room, restaurants, a pub, custom-made train, child play centers, mock mining operations and a ride through a tunnel.

The original Santa’s Village park on the site opened just before Disneyland did in 1955, but has been closed since 1998.

Tickets are being sold online only from now until April 1, when the park’s temporary permit expires. One adult ticket costs $59. Parking is free for “the Christmas season,” says the Sun.