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Here’s a preview of Thanksgiving traffic facing LA travelers

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The 405 was fantastically jammed last night

ABC7’s news chopper captured video from the 405 Freeway last night, and it looked like a solid, nearly motionless ribbon of red and white. It’s worth noting that while the freeway wasn’t at a total and complete standstill, it wasn’t far from that. If this is Tuesday traffic, we’re bracing for tonight.

Holiday traffic is always a mess, but this year, we’ve been warned by the Automobile Club of Southern California that the most travelers since 2007 are planning to head out the area for Thanksgiving, and that these big numbers might mean extra-terrible traffic. Google also crunched the numbers for LA and found that the worst of the holiday traffic will probably occur today after 5 p.m., but it seems like traffic is already pretty bad.

If there was a silver lining to this depressing prediction of traffic to come, it was that ABC7 used data from Waze to guess about Southern California’s best and worst driving days. While Waze’s findings, like Google’s, also found that today is a terrible day to drive, the traffic app suggests that congestion on SoCal freeways on Thursday—Thanksgiving Day—might not be so bad.